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GetFeedback now offers a direct Slack integration. Learn more about Slack Notifications here. The below article is for legacy customers.

One way to display survey responses across your team in real-time is to have those responses automatically populate a message into your Slack! These messages can show a custom subject line, the survey title, and the specific response that came through directly within a Slack channel message. The GetFeedback team uses this integration to display responses from our CES survey and our NPS survey in dedicated channels. The incoming survey responses look like this:


You can then expand the notification in Slack to show you the entire survey response, for example:


While GetFeedback does not have a direct integration with Slack, it is possible to display survey results in a Slack channel using a combination of Custom Notifications and Slack’s Email App feature.

Getting Started

First, you’ll need to set up a Slack email address with the Email App so you can send emails directly to Slack. You can find instructions for setting that up on the Slack website.

Those instructions will provide the necessary email address from Slack to use and also let you choose which channel to post those notifications to.

Once you have the email address that Slack provides, you’ll create a custom notification in your survey’s Settings tab:


Then click "Add Notification" to set up the custom notification with your Slack email.

You’ll then enter the email address provided to you by Slack into the custom notification field and click “Save”.


You can also set up a filter to only send those response notifications if your survey has a certain answer, for example: If your NPS survey has a score of 5 or below, send the notification.


Lastly, you can always create multiple notifications with different rules and subject lines so you know right away if you received a high score or one that needs follow up.

Once that notification is set up and saved, you’re all set! You can test your survey to make sure the survey response notification comes through via your Slack channel.

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